The event will bring some of the most innovative and inspiring ideas, projects and initiatives that are currently carried on to address global emerging challenges following an approach that makes use of low to high tech solutions to reconcile humans with all living species.

A panel discussing innovations in Energy and Nutrition as a part of Nature-Based Generations by UAE Modern in partnership with MAS Paints.

The emerging possibilities that new technologies offer for the production of biofuel from PPOs emphasizes on the interconnection between two domains that have been always intertwined, and on the impact that any massive, unplanned use of nutrients from natural resources for other purposes can undermine its primary mission of fighting poverty and inequality by making access to food broader and widespread. Fresh water is a quintessential example of the problem due to its endemic lack in some regions, obsolete or missing distribution network, and global withdrawal lead by agriculture ( 67%), followed by power production (16%), industrial purposes (7%) leaving only 10% for municipal uses – of which less than 1% is used for drinking purposes. A better and more efficient use and distribution of energy from renewable sources and its mutual relationships with nutrition policies will be pivotal in the future challenges for sustainable development. The panel, triggered by short videos offering to the audience a panoramic view on the topic, and potential research directions, will revolve on the interdependence between energy and nutrition in addressing the 17 SDGs.


  • Ryan Ingram, Founding Partner, TerraLoop – Food Waste Consulting
  • Linda Merieau, Managing Director, Water Alliance Association, Dubai
  • Steven Velengrinis, Head of Masterplanning, AECOM

Moderated by Massimo Imparato, Curator, UAE Modern

*Free to attend and no registration required.

About Ryan Ingram

Seeking a means to deliver sustainable business practices to the wider community, Ryan founded TerraLoop in 2016, The Middle East’s first Food Loss and Waste Consultancy, helping to reduce food waste, save on food cost and haulage fees, while mitigating carbon emissions. Since then TerraLoop has advised EXPO Live (a division of EXPO2020), developed a strategic partnership with the RAK Government’s Waste Management Agency, designed and implemented the UAE’s first Food Waste Diversion Network and advised the RAK Municipality on their Food Waste Policy for the development of their Green Building Code. In 2018 Ryan co-founded TerraED, a boutique training academy focused on environmental education to work with students in developing Zero Waste programs for their schools and universities that inspire them to make more responsible life choices.

About Linda Merieau

Linda Merieau is the Managing Director of the Water Alliance Association (previously Surge) born from the vision that no one should be without safe drinking water and that those more privileged can be more responsible for their water use. A champion of cross-sector partnership for the greater good, Linda believes that water is the foundation for a prosperous planet for all people and that education provides the key to preserving and protecting this precious, shared resource. She is an experienced public speaker, skilled moderator and author/columnist. Linda is a partnership specialist with a passion for sustainable living, and a results-oriented professional with initiative, strong interpersonal and networking skills, firm motivation to deliver lasting impact and commitment to continued learning.

About MAS Paints
MAS Paints is a leading Italian brand of high-quality paints, wood lacquers and decorative paints that encapsulate elegance, style and a splash of creativity with the power to transform walls into works of art. Learn more about MAS Paints.

About UAE Modern
UAE Modern is a Dubai based multi-disciplinary nexus established in 2017, gathering scholars, researchers, practitioners, private and public institutions and the industry to share experiences to exchange knowledge on design innovation for sustainable environments. For the third time consecutively UAE Modern brings to the Dubai Design Week events, workshops and installations for engaging with scholars, practitioners and the community at large on the emerging challenges of our future. Learn more about UAE Modern.