The workshop, hosted by Zayed University, will explore how immersive media is being used in design education. Participants will examine novel applications and consider future applications of immersive media within design using 3D scanning.

Although the use of immersive technologies such as Augmented and Virtual realities have been in use in the professional sector for nearly two decades, the democratization of these technologies has made them more widespread in recent years. One of the innovative uses of VR/AR/XR is that of placing Design Thinking in real and speculative spaces more quickly than ever before.

The workshop will introduce participants to the talking through a presentation discussing how immersive media is being used in design education, examining novel applications, and considering future applications of immersion within design. Participants will then have the opportunity to scan real-world objects into 3D using open-source software and cell phones and place them in a 3D virtual space. These objects will be placed into a digital volumetric display, where participants will play with them and consider applications within design strategies.

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