Presented by Expo 2020 Dubai, the Design and Craft Programme at Expo 2020 Dubai will be officially launched at Dubai Design Week 2019.

The bespoke Programme aims to promote, empower and activate the Design and Craft scene and business in the UAE through design exhibitions, publications and exclusive design collections by local and renowned international designers exploring innovative craft uses and techniques.

The Design and Craft Programme is aiming to lead to a new design era in the UAE in an attempt to nourish the design ecosystem and to activate the design business as a crucial component of the local creative economy.


Dr. Hayat Shamsuddin
Senior Vice President – Art and Culture at Expo 2020 Dubai

Samer Yamani
Director of Design and Craft, Art and Culture at Expo 2020 Dubai

About Dr. Hayat Shamsuddin

Hayat Shamsuddin is the Senior Vice President of Arts and Culture at Expo 2020 Dubai. She is leading on three commissions for Expo 2020 Dubai which include a curated Visual Arts Programme, a bespoke Design & Crafts Programme and the commissioning of the first Emirati Opera, “Al Wasl”. These major commissions will position Expo2020 Dubai within the global artistic and intellectual discourse through contemporary artistic creations.

With a deep passion for all forms of cultural and creative expression, Hayat’s career has spanned diverse industries ranging from economic and tourism sectors to the arts and culture including art fairs, film festivals, television productions, book fairs, and heritage festivals. Throughout her career, Hayat has been passionate about increasing awareness, knowledge and appreciation of Emirati culture and continues to contribute to the positioning of UAE as an active hub in Middle East arts, culture and knowledge production.

About Samer Yamani

Samer Yamani is Director of Design and Craft, Art and Culture at Expo 2020 Dubai. He is responsible for the strategy and delivery of the Design and Craft Programme, aimed to support, promote and nourish the local design scene and business. The Programme is delivered in collaboration with UAE stakeholders and international designers.

Prior to joining Expo, Samer Yamani is the founder and director of “Creative Dialogue”, a creative consultancy based in Barcelona specialized in design, crafts and creative projects, he developed his career as a creative director working on variety of design projects collaborating with acclaimed architects and brands, at the same time, he has been working as cultural manager in which he was the author of various regional and international programs to empower and develop the local design and creative industries, these programs where implemented in over 30 cities around MENA, South Caucasus, EU and Latin America. He is also an educator and has spoken widely at various regional and international creative and economic forums related to Design and creativity.