Visitors learnt how a terrarium works, its history and how to create their own self-contained ecosystem to take home and admire in this workshop hosted by The Habitat.

At the Demijohn Terrarium Workshop, participants learned how a terrarium works; how these self-contained ecosystems survive on their own and how to look after them. The workshop began with a brief history on how it was invented and an explanation on the science behind the terrarium’s ability to recycle air and water inside of its very own ecosystem. Then it was time to get their hands in there and build their own! Everyone was supplied with a Demijohn Jar, which was filled with stones, charcoal, soil and plants. By the end of the session they had their very own exciting miniature self-contained ecosystem to take home and admire for years to come!

Recommended for adults.

Fees: 65 AED

Limited spaces. Register at

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