Known for creating playfully immersive design moments, Preciosa bring their latest showstopper to the Middle East.

A canopy of 8000 glowing orbs brings back the childhood joys of the fairground with Preciosa’s latest immersive Carousel of Light.

Mouth-blown spheres in opal, amber frosted, clear and pink frosted hues, and stretching eight metres in diameter are designed to respond to human interaction with a dazzling light show.

As visitors enter the pearl curtain, colourful lights will lead their path. Guests were able to wander through and the lights above will follow them, lighting up, fading away as they move on. The installation becomes a part of the visitor’s journey, lighting a beautiful crystal path as their exploration continues.

Below, a circular platform – a minimalist’s interpretation of a fairground carousel - slowly rotates, creating a shared experience for everyone discovering the installation.

It might be Preciosa’s latest showstopper, but its provenance is rooted in their signature design, the Pearl Curtain. “This design is inspired by the gentle movements and folds of rich, luxurious fabric, such as the draping or layering of curtains,” says Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting. “It suggests something is behind – an object of curiosity perhaps – creating a sense of wonder and anticipation. The design presents an opulent geometrical impression, whilst maintaining a resolutely contemporary style that is truly interactive.”