Step into the world of SOS - School of Sustainability where you will be encouraged to think and act in a new systemic way, and to imagine (y)our future as an individual and a professional as being able to address the new challenges that arise globally and as a leader of sustainable development.

Participants will be engaged in the creation of their own personal and professional path across a systemic map that intertwines global challenges, collaborators, opportunities and impacts, leaving their own unique imprint. Each participant will be given a slide ruler that is designed in order to discover the multiplicity of possibilities and connections linking him/her/them to other professionals for contributing to creating a positive impact in their communities, neighbors, districts and cities. At the end of the activity that will be supervised by SOS tutors, participants will have achieved a broader understanding of their current standing and future potential as professionals within the design fields.

For registration please visit Re:Urban Studio. Official Venue Partner of Dubai Design Week, Re:Urban Studio will host a series of masterclasses and workshops led by members of the local and international design community.

About SOS- School of Sustainability

SOS - School of Sustainability is an Academy of Practice founded in Bologna by Mario Cucinella that operates at the intersection of Education, Research and Professional Practice, offering Master Programs in Sustainable Design.