At times of constant change there is a need for an all-purpose tool. That’s why PIXEL was created. PIXEL isn’t furniture. PIXEL is a flexible module that can serve various functions in space for everyone. A high table for a workshop, a desk for students, a shelf for a store, a counter for a party. Anything’s possible with inspiration and improvisation. It brought together people and encouraged collaboration and team work.

With this installation, Bene celebrated the spirit of the PIXEL: teamwork. Within a landscape of PIXEL is an enhanced GIANT PIXEL, altogether acting as a canvas for a first-time collaboration with graphic designer Ibraheem Khamayseh and his calligraphic study of the word 'friends', to demonstrate the nature of the modular building block.

Audiences were invited to experience the PIXEL landscape with the launch of a completely new product in partnership with Nespresso, the Coffee NOOXS - the heart of the office, a furniture element that brings colleagues together.

PIXEL’s natural, untreated surfaces were eye-catching, without diverting peoples’ attention from what’s really important. The collaboration was improved, the creative process takes off. PIXEL’s do-it-yourself character encouraged dynamic movements and establishes a new culture of innovation. Flexibility, candor, and inspiration take center stage – that’s how PIXEL creates space for great ideas.

Design by Bene. Graphic Design by Ibraheem Khamayseh. Coffee by Nespresso.

About Bene

The international office expert is a specialist in the design and furnishing of office and working environments. Bene defines the office as a living space, and its concepts, products and services turn this philosophy into a reality. The Bene Group is a globally active company with its head office and production facilities in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria. Development, design, and production, along with consulting and sales, are thereby united under one Austrian roof. As a significant market player in Europe, Bene stands for innovative concepts, inspiring offices, and high-quality design, and develops and produces customised solutions for all company sizes – from one-person companies to SMEs and global corporations.

About Ibraheem Khamayseh

Artist, Illustrator and Calligrapher, Ibraheem Khamayseh inherited his passion for creativity from his father, a renowned calligrapher. Born in Palestine, he studied Graphic Design at Al Najah University and began his career as a graphic designer for advertising agencies. A master of notable Arabic fonts such as Al Wissam, Al Ruqa’a, Al Thuluth and many more. His innovative illustrative and graphic work can be found on various Made in Tashkeel items, a range of affordable products designed by UAE creatives.