A multifaceted and interactive installation that connects the world of martial arts, design, and architecture to energize a form of expression and release through the human perspective starting with a single punch.

Baggage Claim is an experimental movement and installation intended to allow any individual or creative mind surviving within the inner walls of a concrete jungle to have a moment of focus and release. A form of expression and statement is initiated through a single calibrated punch against a bundle made from 100% synthetic material. Each bag holds a representation of a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual vibrational frequency.

The purpose of the interaction is to elevate the visitor's overall wellbeing and lifestyle. The installation further uses a combination of architecture and design, colour manipulation, materials, and ambience, as well as human interaction and perspective, as an accelerating point and a conversation starter to promote the importance of awareness against societal stigmas.

It is a pivotal time to appreciate authenticity and grasp for what is genuinely ours, starting with a single kinetic push.

About Consortium

The Consortium is a collective of creatives with a purpose to blur the boundaries of design and to create co-inhibition within the creative industry. The purpose is to collectively combine a wealth of expertise within the field in order to execute projects to their highest potential. The Consortium is comprised of four members: Abdulrahman Bucheeri, Dust for Experience Design, Meem Square, The Makery.