The concept at the root of the project is Audi’s first full electric car the all-new Audi e-tron, with unparalleled driving comfort that considers the environment.

Abdalla Almulla was inspired by the Audi e-tron's power, comfort and silent interior. Within its power lays tranquility promising the user a calm driving journey.

Envisioning a structure to reflect the design elements of the Audi e-tron resulted in two guiding forces when designing the Hub - horizontal lines sweeping along the car’s outer edge, and the power of silence while driving.

With these forces combined is a space layout created by intersecting Audi circles combined with a sweeping sculpted steel structure connecting two main spaces by slim horizontal lines indicating a transcending fluid pattern of robust steel members showcasing Audi’s surpassing limits in motion. Its curved form also features a gradient mesh creating shade and representing the tranquil gradual change the car travels from one state to another.

The Audi Innovation Hub acts as a communal venue for the week-long programme of Audi Innovation Talks, a showcase space for one of the latest Audi models and a place to discover the winning projects of the annual Audi Innovation Award.

About Abdalla Almulla

Abdalla is an Emirati architect and founder of MULA design studio. In 2014, when graduating as an architect from Woodbury University, Abdalla was awarded the Grand Critique Faculty Choice Award and the Best Degree Project Award in Architectural Design based on geometric explorations.

Abdalla’s practice is driven by creative energy in constant flux, diving deep into the unknown, and researching technological advances. The studio's methodologies are sequences of theoretical and visual design explorations within focused subjects, using patterns and geometry as regulators and guidelines.

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