The winner of the fourth Audi Innovation Award - Pincher by Twelve Degrees was revealed and is now showcased at the Audi Innovation Hub during Dubai Design Week, together with the progress of the 2018 winner ‘Ruin to Reality (R2R)’ by Elias El Soueidi.

The Audi Innovation Award is a competition for design research aimed at highlighting innovative ideas from across the Middle East, empowering regional designers while archiving intellectual progress in the region. The theme for 2019 was simplification; to make less complex or complicated, to design for efficiency.

For Audi, sustainable action means considering the immediate and long-term consequences of its decisions. Scarce resources, environmental damage, climate change and population growth – are all challenges that society, politics and business need to face up to. To build a sustainable future, we are working together with our partners to preserve natural resources, avoid environmental pollution and assume social responsibility.

The Audi Innovation Award aims to stimulate a regional discussion on transitioning towards smarter cities and a sustainable future. The competition theme is inspired by global Audi brand values and is, therefore, this year rooted in ‘personal freedom’.

By proposing design solutions to impact the way an object is made, used, moved, or stored, the simplest products enhance quality of life by offering the luxury of more time – our most precious resource. The Audi Innovation Award seeks intuitive designers to propose everyday products made simpler to use or to transport, that use less material or energy to be manufactured, are easier to operate or store, and so on.

The 2019 winning project Pincher by Twelve Degrees, was revealed at an award ceremony at the Audi Innovation Hub on Tuesday 12 November and set to receive an investment in developing the project of $25,000. It is showcased throughout the week along with the two runners up projects.

The Audi Innovation Hub also presents the 2018 Audi Innovation Award winning project by Elias El Soueidi; Ruin to Reality (R2R) - an application that allows access to virtual 3D models of historical buildings and cultural sites.

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