A workshop about using literature and stories as tools in the design process.

The workshop invited designers and architects to explore an artistic method of concept generation and implementation utilizing stories and literature as tools of design.

In this workshop participants learnt the process of designing spaces inspired by different works of literature. Through analysis, comparisons and construed process, participants learnt how to reflect, conceptualize and create a design inspired by a story.

About Ink Design

Al-Johara N. Beydoun is the founder and Chief Designer of INK; A Multidisciplinary design Office with a strong literarily intellectual process applied in interior, architecture and urban design. She holds a bachelor of Art in Interior design and masters of Science in Urban design. Parallel to her design practice, she has a long academic experience as a Lecturer of design. Al-Johara is also a selling artiest and a writer; her works heavily reflects the intermingling of literature, design, art and music.

Ink is multidisciplinary design studio with a strong conceptual ability to merge art, design, and science. Our inspiration is deeply rooted in our identity as we always aim to create means of a dialogue between our past and future. We at Ink always look for means of innovations and unique design expressions that reflect our clients’ dreams and needs.