Qissa Ghar brings a unique syncretic mix (union of different religions, cultures, or philosophies) to the forefront, creating a collaborative retelling of a selection of age-old creation myths from various cultures across the nation.

Everything that is true of India is equally untrue, every point has its own completely valid counterpoint. What holds the vast fragile fabric of India together are the rich stories the locals tell themselves. Indians are a plural, rich, proudly maximal culture. The vast historical narrative inherited is not a burden, but a playground.

Within this immersive neural net of stories are scattered "epiphany" lamps that use old-world materials and processes like stained glass and wood carving, to create moments of connection between the vast network of stories that populate the pavilion. Tropes of India are used freely, in playful abandon.

About The Busride Design Studio

Ayaz Basrai is co-founder of The Busride Design Studio, an architecture and interior design firm in India working on the built environment with projects ranging from hospitality and entertainment, to immersive media and film. The team is made up of architects, interior and industrial designers who search for solutions from the macro to the micro, from the slightly mad to the totally insane.

Ayaz also heads the Busride Lab, headquartered in Goa, which works to develop open source intellectual pursuits, and is actively engaged with teaching and re-skilling in the domain of heritage conservation and futures research.

Together the Studio and the Lab aim to create an active connection between research and practice at the intersection of architecture, technology, design and art. Learn more about the Busride here.

About Abwab

Abwab translates as ‘doors’ in Arabic and is an annually remodeled exhibition dedicated to commissioning work from across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia with a purpose to promote design talent and stimulate information exchange, uniquely experienced at Dubai Design Week.