Jeddah-based architects Turki and Abdulrahman Gazzaz of Bricklab studio were commissioned by Alserkal Avenue, to create an intervention to coincide with Dubai Design Week. Located at the Pedestrian Entrance of Alserkal Avenue (from Street 6A), the design transformed how the public interacts with the physical environment through a “synthetic intervention that funnels visitors through”.

Bricklab tackled the entrance as though it were “the threshold to a French formal garden - a spatial construct that emphasised a position of apprehension and meticulous control found in the composition of an 18th century allée”. A glossy metallic grid, lined with plastic trees, constructs a forced one-point perspective for the public. By manipulating this perspective, the designers challenged the collapsibility of experience into a single, two-dimensional image, and highlight our multisensory comprehension of space.

About Bricklab

Established in jeddah in 2015, bricklab is dedicated to the examination of the design discipline as it intersects with the social, political, economic, and cultural networks that implicitly form our built environment. by constantly focusing design on user/s experience, those significant intersections begin to reveal the role of design in our broader cultural development. At bricklab, ‘site’, ‘object’, and ‘users’ are understood as dynamic elements that shape our physical world, we may begin to fill the gaps between graphics, product design, interiors, and architecture and understand these different disciplines as articulations of human thoughts and desires. Our diverse background in architecture, planning, and history/theory frames our attitude towards practice. as such, we focus on developing a particular research question with every project to allow us to make meaningful contributions for any given socio-political and economic context.