Dr. Iasef Md Rian from the University of Sharjah has used computational modelling to create a perforated pavilion made from woven ropes collected from fishing and construction sites which reflects the traditional identity of the UAE.

This sculptural installation in the heart of Dubai Design District (d3) uses a net of woven ropes to form an idiosyncratic mashrabiya, a traditional design motif of UAE, while its flying wings express the freedom of modernity in design. Perforated natural light and patterned shadows create a unique experience for visitors, activating multiculturalism through different design perspectives, and enhancing interaction and dialogue among the design community.

The pavilion is made from locally sourced and reusable materials. The edges are made of wood, the perforated roof is made from unused ropes collected from the construction sites and fishing areas around the UAE, and the structure will be supported by three custom-made steel feet.

Dr Rian’s innovative design seeks to engage visitors and students with a hands-on learning experience outside of the design studio.

About Dr. Iasef Md Rian
Dr. Iasef Md Rian is an assistant professor in Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Sharjah, UAE. He is also a practicing architect and designer who founded his own studio Rian Architects and Designers in Malda, India.

He is a design innovator specializing in research in computational and parametric design which fuses mathematics, art, design, and architecture. He has published dozens of scholarly research articles, built structural pavilions through student design workshops, and has been shortlisted in a couple of design competitions.