Asna Moazzam from ard presents WeaveX, a series of installations constructed using palm fronds, which explores possible dialogues between parametric design and the vernacular architecture of the Emirates.

WeaveX is a series of urban interventions at The Block in Dubai Design District (d3) which consists of installations, sculptures and pavilions. These design experiments explore the possibility of building using date palm fronds (known as Arish) using vernacular methods adapted to complex geometries and minimal surfaces for the first time.

WeaveX aims to raise awareness about the potentially significant role of vernacular construction methods in sustainable and responsible design and architecture, and explores the meaning and significance of Arish in the history of the Islamic world which is rich in scientific temper, invention and discovery.

This installation is supported by Green Paradise.

About ard ارض
ard ارض is a sustainable design initiative that has its roots in heritage and vernacular architecture. ard ارض is currently reviving the vernacular architecture of the UAE in a contemporary format through technology and research. It aims to bring Arish: Palm Leaf Architecture into the heart of cities and revive the craft in a way that it integrates with the built form of today, adding a deeper sense of cultural continuity to the modern fabric of our urban centres.

About DesignAware
DesignAware was born from a desire to create awareness through liveable, wearable, usable, accessible and responsible design. With its presence in Hyderabad, Dubai, and London, the studio focuses on process-oriented design. DesignAware’s projects range from lighting to furniture; interior design to renovation; and residential, commercial and institutional architecture. It also runs socially relevant projects, such as a school for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the heritage zone of the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. In a non-profit endeavour, DesignAware successfully raised funds and contributions to build the context-sensitive school on a tight budget through a social media campaign.