KOHLER ChitChat invites four speakers to present their experiences, ideas, thoughts on ‘Wanderlust’. Join us for an afternoon of laid-back conversation with some of Middle East's most influential architects and designers sharing how travel has influenced their designs. Mingle with the interior design community to catch the latest buzz on travel, design, and luxury.

Speakers: Nasser Turk, Federico Cruz, Roy Posey, and Omar Abdelghafour

About Nasser Turk, Regional Manager MEA, WATG and Wimberly Interiors
Nasser is a master planner and urban, landscape and graphic designer who has over 18 years of diverse, international experience. He has been involved in projects of all scales including smaller site planning projects, detailed landscape designs and construction efforts to large-scale urban design and strategic planning projects, feasibility studies, design and development guidelines, and landscape master plans.

About Federico Cruz, Project Designer, Wilson Associates
Frederico, who was born in Portugal, considers himself a world citizen. As a designer for Wilson Associates’ Dubai studio, he leads a creative, collaborative interior design team to deliver functionally aesthetic spaces. In his spare time, Cruz enjoys photographing his journeys and people he meets along the way. His passions allowed him to create, explore, and problem solve, and the design process challenges him to materialize solutions and contribute to the betterment of the human condition, and ultimately his sense of purpose.

About Roy Posey, Head of Design, Keane
Roy joined Keane as Head of Design in 2016 and has been managing and designing projects with the talented team ever since. With an international career primarily in the hospitality and F&B sectors, and having been based in London, Singapore and now Dubai, he has worked on projects across the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

About Omar Abdelghafour, Founder, Light Space Design
With over fifteen years of professional experience in the design industry from renowned practices, Omar founded the award-winning multi-discipline design and architecture practice L.S. Design (Light Space Design) in 2004. Born and raised in London, he received his masters in Transport Design and then Architecture in the UK. His professional practice has given him the opportunity to work in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. For him, architecture is just one part of ’Design’ as the language for life, not a singular discipline.

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Cocktails and canapes will be served.

About Kohler
Kohler is a 145-year-old company with presence on all continents, 37,000 associates, and strong operations in the Middle East. We are present in 9 countries in the region with our main office in Dubai, UAE. Since our founding day, Kohler has been dedicated to contributing to a higher level of gracious living for all those who experience our products and services. We strive to live on the leading edge of design and technology in product and process. Design, art and innovation are at the very core of Kohler Co., and we are honored to participate in the Dubai Design Week in three parts ‘Wanderlust – Kohler ChitChat’, ‘Kohler Design Forum x Monocle’ and ‘Something into Nothing – Kohler Waste Lab Workshop’.