Ambient Valour will train participants in the techniques of marquetry and inlays, demonstrating mastery of these skills as displayed in some of its finest furniture pieces.

Participants in this workshop will learn the history and importance of hand inlaid wood and marquetry. They will also discover how these techniques can add beauty to all elements of home design. Ambient Valour specialise in fine antique-style furniture from important periods, made using traditional crafts and techniques.

About Ambient Valour
Ambient Valour specialises in artisan techniques such as fine marquetry and full gilding, trades in the finest Italian furnishings, handmade in a region between Milan and Lake Como, famed for producing traditional furniture. Its soft furnishings are upholstered in some of the finest Como silks, taffeta and brocade, as well as exquisite Tuscan velvets.

About Ridah Karla

After graduating from Regents Business School in London, Ridah W. Kalra developed an interest in interior design and furniture making. After learning about the industry in the workshops of Milan and Northern Italy, she specialised in the technique of marquetry and collaborated with an iconic, artisanal Italian furniture brand which is over 150 years old.

Ridah now leads the furniture and the interior design team at Ambient Valour and has worked on several residential interior design projects using her own range of furniture, flooring, and wall panelling. Ambient Valour offers a unique integrated solution to interiors which involves little or no outsourced materials.