Palmwood; a highlight of the deep collaboration, and the UAE Government’s validation of design’s role as a key force moving the nation forward.

Her excellency Huda Al Hashimi and Creative Director of Palmwood, Mitch Sinclair discuss unlocking new possibilities, mindsets, and behaviors. Discover the new UAE Government co-design lab, Palmwood, the process underwent to create it, and the kind of “wicked problems” it will explore.

About Huda Al Hashimi
Huda AlHashimi holds the post of Assistant Director General for Strategy & Innovation, overseeing the Strategy & Policy Sector and Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation, at the Prime Minister’s Office in the Ministry of Cabinet Affaires and Future. Her main role is to ensure the successful execution of the UAE Vision 2021 and National Innovation in addition to being responsible for the launch of the Government Accelerators, the world's first Accelerator focusing on the rapid delivery of high priority government programs following a unique and innovative approach.

About Mitch Sinclair
Mitch Sinclair is the Creative Director of Palmwood and a Design Director at IDEO, where she works with teams to bring to life the emotional core and psychological underpinnings of designs. With degrees in both Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Sociology, her expertise is grounded in social dynamics, brand strategy, and design for the subconscious and conscious mind, and has led projects such as redesigning the digital citizenship and immigration experience for the U.S. Government.

Free to attend and no registration required.

About Palmwood
Palmwood is a creative organization founded by the UAE Government and IDEO, a global design firm. Building on a deep-rooted tradition of collaboration, Palmwood works with partners dedicated to generosity, curiosity, and creativity to improve lives in the UAE and beyond. Palmwood is a design-led movement creating new solutions for governments and organizations, developing creative capabilities in the people of the UAE, and opening up new conversations about what is possible through design