The National Design Academy (NDA) opens their studio doors, inviting you to join the discussion on how informed designer can take greater steps to design healthier, sustainable and creative spaces.

This one-day workshop, hosted by Alison Grace Gahan and Purvi Kotecha, will focus on the sustainable design process and strategies for an interior designer to follow. The discussion will define what 'design responsibility' means in the interior design industry and explore how designers can overcome the challenge of designing in ways that don’t adversely affect living systems and natural resources. Applying sustainability in designs is an excellent start, but to make a lasting impact, there must be an industry-wide cultural shift.

Sustainability can be a confusing topic. The NDA looks at the differing and sometimes contradictory approaches to ethical and ecological design with particular emphasis on the use of clean technology. There are plenty of inspiring, innovative materials - the challenge is to find design that eliminates, avoids or reduces environmental impacts without compromising the objectives of any given project.

Participants will leave with a small model made from recycled materials.

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About the National Design Academy
Celebrating 30 years in education, the National Design Academy (NDA) is the world’s leading university for interior design. Pioneering online design qualifications as well as an 8-week intensive in-studio course, the NDA offers fully accredited courses in Interior Design, Curtain Making and Soft Furnishings, and Garden Design from Diploma all the way to Master’s degree level. Sustainability is right at the heart of its core values, and it promotes excellence in sustainable design and research & development. It also believes that education should inspire and change lives.

About Alison Grace Gahan
Alison Grace Gahan is a proud member of APID (Association for Professional Interior Designers) and a senior tutor at the NDA. She is passionate about introducing, nurturing, and encouraging creativity through design projects, design writing and design tutoring. Her focus extends to the sociology of how people live and work, thus advocating design for well-being and healthy environments.

About Purvi Kotecha
Purvi Kotecha was a top student before joining the NDA team, working with one of the UAE's leading designers on a range of villa projects, and assisting in-studio students. Purvi's passion for sustainable design is paramount to her design philosophy and she believes green living is integral to living a harmonious and happy life.