The 4 meters high installation design, with various shades of gold by Orsoni is the result of the time-honored combination of glass and 24 carat gold, the most precious metal. It’s the evidence of the authentic Venetian craftmanship with a unique quality as each step of the process is handmade.

The purest gold leaf passes through a firing and beating process, then is wrapped between a transparent glass base-the color of which may range from green to aquamarine and a fine neutral glass layer. As a last step, the masters of Orsoni heat once again all three elements and create a single piece though a process of a well-kept secret.

The various tonalities of gold represents prosperity, achievement and triumph and at the same time are associated with prestige and luxury. The combination of light and color turns the gold surface into magical, ever-changing artistic installation.

ORSONI MOSAICI ‘A company by Trend’ is a Ventian Smalti and Gold tiles manu-facturer based in Venice city, and is the last glass factory in Venice the island, established in 1888 by Lucio Orsoni, and was bought forward by Trend Group to spread the historical Ventian handcraft in the international market in the right hands of Trend’s experts around the world.