Ethan&Co’s drop-in workshop will offer both adults and children the chance to customize a key chain and then see it being printed.

Ethan&Co’s drop-in workshop is designed to familiarize adults and children alike with the basics of 3D design and printing.

Digital design and 3D printing are becoming commonplace everywhere. Soon 3D printers will be in every home and children will be designing their own custom-made products. A key chain is a very simple introduction to 3D design, and the short print time allows for a very cursory overview of the ease and benefits of bringing 3D printing into the home.

Free entry.

All ages welcome.

Drop in to print your own 3D key chain.

About Ethan&Co
Ethan&Co is a Dubai design company that develops digital play platforms for parents and educators to empower a child’s creativity through, art, design, innovation and play. The company works with professional artists, designers and engineers to enable children to bring their imagination to life and personalize their play and learning experiences.