For this year’s installation of Dubai Design Week, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* in partnership with Wood-Skin® and Alkanoids - both distributed by H&H Studio - will unveil their most recent concept to the audience. Aptly named Parametric Surfaces, the project explores the domains of futuristic aspects in the world of design, like augmented reality. The design brand is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and are preparing to release a plethora of designs and projects.

Principal designer, Andrea Sensoli, founded SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, a sister company of ASZarchitetti, along with his partners Iacopo Manelli, Andrea Rettori, and Cecilia Morosi. Together, the team creates innovative designs in their Studio Liquido. Their sole objective is learning more and more from the world every day.

Their work- such as Bettairhouse for Dubai Design Week 2017, Semi-recessed ‘Leaf’ luminaire for BUZZI&BUZZI and MuTABLE- is known for having an eclectic personality and being an embodiment of Avant-Garde expression. This would explain why their new concept won’t fail to impress critics at the upcoming Dubai Design Week with its eccentric themes.

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* explained that mankind has embraced the concept of virtual aspects on so many platforms with ease. Simultaneously, we’re careful to keep in touch with what’s around us in the objective reality, for the sake of those around us and our own sanity. To Andrea Sensoli, augmented reality is intriguing because it acts as a point where two paradigms come into contact with each other. It removes the objectivity from our experiences before crossing our borders of reality and entering digital virtuality. Milan based design studio Alkanoids; a collective group of design/movie addicts ruled by passion and curiosity for anything that is outside the box contributed with their knowledge to perfect the virtual elements of the installation.

With this concept, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* aimed to combine the beauty of a sculptural element with the essence of augmented reality. For this project, they created multi-faceted surfaces of Wood-skin from sound-absorbing materials. Distributed by H&H Studio, Wood-Skin® transforms rigid materials into 3D products. With its origami like characteristics the material evolves into endless shapes and functions perfectly enhancing the installation’s sculptural identity. These structures will gain popularity because of their suitability for specialized spaces like concert halls. Moreover, parametric surfaces can contribute to the well-being of people in spaces like spas, hospitals, and restaurants.

Moving further, Andrea Sensoli considers augmented reality as having the capability to add digital content and seamlessly incorporate it. This way, it expands the possibilities of our experiences. Another aspect of Parametric Surfaces is the interactive plane that appears as a 3-dimensional box frame suspended in the air.

Due to Wood-Skin’s® innovative process the single facet is fabricated through a specialized system that produces 3-dimensional sheets using flat composite panels. Implementing this patented technology permits the single panel to fold along virtual hinges, similar to the idea of Japanese origami. The digital lines along which folds form are completely programmable with software, making it a hundred percent customizable.

The composite panel has a visible layer which adds the final finish to the surface, which will possess a number of colors and textures. They’re expecting quite a lot of engagement because of the visually attractive installation that is easy to find.

It radiates a message that is basic and not difficult to grasp. However, at the same time, it’s eye-opening and responsive to a number of contexts. They’re sure that the audience will adore the sculpture at the event, and will flock around it to take pictures that they can share via social media.


Created by Andrea Sensoli, Cecilia Morosi, Iacopo Mannelli and Andrea Rettori, SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* established its Middle East office in the Dubai Design District, the commercial hub for the region’s design community. With projects ranging from luxury residential to commercial and hospitality, the firm applies a strong creative approach based on the research and development of unique concepts that have a minimal contemporary aesthetic. SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* has been built on the creative DNA of its sister studio, luxury design firm ASZ architetti that delivers innovation in product design, residential, and retail for its prestigious luxury clients. With offices also in Milan and Florence, the firm cooperates with a network
throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.