Designed by d3 based Superfuturedesign* the Parametric Surfaces project explores futuristic aspects in the world of design, providing visitors with a augmented reality.

The founder of Superfuturedesign* Andrea Sensoli has designed an installation delivering an augmented reality for visitors to d3. The installation provides a point where two paradigms come into contact with each other and blurring the border what is real and whats virtual. The design team has considered augmented reality as having the capability to add digital content into design, and therefore expand the possibilities of our experiences.

The concept is aimed at combine the beauty of the physical structure with the essence of augmented reality: Parametric Surfaces consists of multifaceted surfaces made from sound-absorbing materials particularly aimed at specialized spaces like concert halls. Here it appears as an interactive three-dimensional box frame suspended in the air.

The single facet is fabricated through a specialised system that produces three-dimensional sheets using flat composite panels. This patented technology allows a single panel to fold along virtual hinges, similar to the idea of Japanese origami. The digital lines along which folds form are programmed, therefore making it completely customizable. The composite panel has a visible layer that adds the final finish to the surface through a combination of different of colours and textures.