Members of the team at MEAN* open their studio to showcase the exciting new projects they are working on.

MEAN* is involved in many international projects which vary in scale and complexity. This exhibition of past, current and ongoing designs includes CGIs, 3D printed models, and examples of augmented and virtual reality.

Free to attend and no registration required.

About MEAN*
MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network) is an innovative architecture practice. It consists of an interdisciplinary community of architects, designers, programmers, and artists who collaborate to design the future of the built environment.

MEAN* works with cutting-edge technologies in design and build including robotics; computer programming; 3D Printing; augmented reality (AR); and virtual reality (VR). The practice’s mission is to amalgamate computation, material research, and design to provide innovative solutions to the current technological and economic parameters that are integral to the planning process.