Design and build your own windchime that rings to your favourite tune.

Windchimes come in many shapes and create a multitude of different tones. They add a cosy and decorative touch to a garden, patio or balcony, and the gentle ringing of their bells in a breeze is soothing and therapeutic.

This workshop introduces DIY skills in metal and wood working. Participants will learn how vibrations and sound work, and how windchime tones can be set to specific musical notes depending on the length, thickness, and type of metal of every tube. Making their own windchime will involve measuring, cutting, grinding and drilling metal tubes. They will also design and make a wooden mounting base using a scroll saw machine. Finally they will stain, polish and assemble the different parts including the wind catcher, bells striker, and hanging mechanism.

Recommended for ages 10+.

Free entry.

Limited Spaces.

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