The College of Design at the American University in the Emirates presents an exhibition of interactive posters by leading Chinese designer Li Xu.

Digital screens and social media platforms have led to new challenges and a new era for graphic designers, who are teaming up with animators to create a seductive new form of communication – the moving poster – which embraces video content and animated GIFs.

This exhibition for Dubai Design Week 2018 at the College of Design at the American University in the Emirates, curated by Dr.Arafat Al-Naim, displays the work of leading Chinese poster designer Li Xu which celebrates the emerging medium of the interactive poster.

Li Xu embraces new technologies and continually experiments with different forms, meanings and artistic expressions. This exhibition of his work showcases traditional and new approaches to poster design and visual communication with 40 printed posters and 20 interactive posters displayed on screens which will be shown for the first time in Dubai. The exhibition covers many mediums from Augmented Reality (AR) and Projection Mapping to animated GIFs.

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