The Institut Français in the United Arab Emirates presents an exhibition that redefines and showcases the breadth of the French design scene and how it incorporates elements of the worlds of art, design and lifestyle. The exhibition includes the work of 14 designers from the collective titled: 'Collectif Made in France en Transparence'.

Organised with the support of Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement (VIA), the exhibition invites the public to discover how innovation creates our history through decorative arts and contemporary design.
Curator Maud Louvrier-Clerc said: 'The history of France is intimately linked to art, which kings and emperors of yesterday and our presidents of today have always recognised as important. Indeed, art characterises our culture and influence around the world. This discipline, both concrete and mysterious, is incessantly nourished by innovation. Design, the subtle frontier between art and lifestyle, aestheticism and functionality, is one of its founding pillars. Resolutely turned toward innovation—in manufacturing, society and the environment—design could be otherwise termed as the art of living, and thus, every day it creates our history. In this era, faced as we are with a severe climatic challenge, clever design is also vital to promote innovation geared towards sustainable development and to create a responsible way of life. French design, in resonance with its heritage, conveys this philosophy.'

Participating designers and collectives are: Anja Clerc, Anne-Charlotte Saliba, Atelier George, C6.B, Cassat & Dehais, Célia Suzanne, KNGB Création, Marine Barthès, Maud Louvrier-Clerc, Mélitine Courvoisier, Monsieur César, MP Editions, Space Factory, Studio Fabien Barrero + Carsenat

About the Institut Français in the UAE
The Institut Français in the UAE is the cooperation and cultural department of the French Embassy. It has the mission of promoting French creation, thought and language and encouraging cultural, artistic, educational, academic and scientific exchanges and partnerships between France and the UAE. It follows up on the cultural and educational aspects of the strategic dialogue between France and the UAE.

Its activity covers a vast array of actions. It organises cultural events in numerous fields such as visual arts, live performance and debating ideas. It supports French cultural and academic institutions as well as cultural industries with their development projects in the Emirates. It also coordinates the French schools network in the UAE as well as the Alliances Françaises in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As a governmental operator, the Institut Français in the UAE is a privileged interlocutor of the cultural and academic institutions in the Emirates.