Retract the world from words. Visualizing Impact co-founder Joumana al Jabri immerses us in just that through the name of 500+ villages.

Take a moment to retract the world from all words, all names, all brands, and all ways of expression that allow two human beings to identify some form of life or stillness through a common denominator. Visualizing Impact co-founder Joumana al Jabri immerses us in an experiential moment to heighten our sensitivity to a primal tool of coexistence: a name, and the impact of its absence.

Central to this experience is the latest data-driven work by Visualizing Palestine: the Visualizing Palestine Wearables capturing Dr. Salman Abusitta’s lifelong work documenting the 500+ villages depopulated from Palestine in 1948 —Visualizing Palestine is the primary project of Visualizing Impact.

Note: Seats are limited and doors will close on the hour. Please arrive 10 minutes early.

About Visualizing Impact
Visualizing Impact, has broken new grounds in communication since its establishment in 2011. Its data-visualization work has received recognition within the disciplines of information design, arts, technology, and media from international entities of which Information is Beautiful’s Kantar award, Ars Electronica and Deutsche Welle’s The Bob’s award. Its work has also been published in multiple publications including the 2017 edition of The Design of Dissent by Milton Glaser and Mirco Ilic.

Joumana al Jabri, co-founder of Visualizing Impact, is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design in Architecture and Fine Arts. She has been a researcher for over a decade in the realm of self-awareness and its impact on societal maturity. This is one of her first public works in that area.