Get your ideas fit and ready. This fast and furious workshop will take you through the exercises which will really test your ideas so you can confidently take them to the next level. Bring an idea with you and give it a high intensity workout.

The Idea Workout is a workshop which aims to introduce people to the prototyping process and the part it plays in generating, challenging and exploring ideas. The session is designed to get participants engaged through ‘doing’. A series of drawing exercises come thick and fast to show how quickly ideas can be recorded and put down onto paper. The ideas are challenged and pushed to see where they may go, before putting them into a context and testing them again. Participants will take away an understanding of the different uses and benefits of prototyping, how prototyping can be used to generate, test and communicate their ideas quickly, and will gain tools to test and evaluate their ideas.

Recommended for ages 15+.

Free entry.

Limited spaces. Register at

About Ithra
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