Salama Khalfan discusses her passion for jewellery, and explains how she mastered techniques to translate her inspirations into unique and wearable pieces of art.

Salama will give a talk about her journey to becoming the successful jewellery designer she is today. She will share insights into the obstacles that she has overcome, how persistence and hard work pay off, and how no-one should ever give up on making their dreams a reality.

The talk will also focus on Salama’s sources of inspiration, and the process of translating them into the wearable pieces of art that constitute her old and new jewellery collections. She will explain the thorough process of selecting gem stones and diamonds, and will share the various techniques she uses to create her beautiful masterpieces.

The talk will be moderated by Rebecca Anne Proctor, and co-hosted by Susana Martins.

Free to attend and no registration required.

About Alezan by SK
Alezan by SK is a collection of fine, bespoke and individually handmade pieces of jewellery created by Dubai-based jewellery designer Salama Khalfan.

Inspired by equestrian heritage and exquisite craftsmanship, each piece is inspired by a fearless woman with a sense of adventure and a love of culture. Through intricately set designs comprising a range of precious gemstones, the Alezan collection marries the spirit of horsemanship with a worldly sense of refinement, resulting in timeless works of beauty to be treasured for a lifetime.