Hatch Concept Studio guides and advises the aspiring illustrators of tomorrow on the skills and designs of today.

This year Hatch Concept Studio welcomes aspiring illustrators to experience the creative minds of pure, unadulterated design. A designer needs to be well prepared when entering the world of creativity. Join Nasiim Rezapour, Hatch’s resident world-dominator, and delve into the world of illustration. This workshop will result in participants boasting about the cool things they’ve learned and how impactful designs are made.

Nasiim is a designer who believes in ‘Being’ and his older brother ‘Be.’ She has a BA in Graphic & Communication Design from the University of Leeds, where her passion developed in four fields – graphic design, illustration, story-telling and animation. She has set up camp at Hatch, ready to proclaim her big green patch, slowly working towards her big goal – world domination.

Limited seats available. Register at info@thisishatch.com

About Hatch Concept Studio
Hatch is a multi-disciplinary design and digital studio which combines new age technology and design in all its forms. It is a brand that’s bold and brave, and believes in inspiring people by creating memorable experiences, because great relationships lead to great work. Hatch believes in brands that are worth talking about and believes in creating brands that inspire.

Nisreen Shahin is the Creative Strategist and Managing Director of Hatch Concept Studio. She has always believed very strongly in one thing – pure, untainted design. A graduate of the American University in Dubai with a B.A. in Creative Advertising, she jumped feet first into the industry, working with agencies like Face 2 Face, Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi in Dubai. Through the years, she has worked for many world-class brands including Land Rover, Volkswagen, Herbal Essences, Cartier, Mars, Dubai Metro and Hershey’s. In 2013, she took a daring leap of faith and founded Hatch Concept Studio and has been beating design black and blue ever since.