Takbir Fatima from DesignAware presents a collaborative, three-day course in 3D design thinking hosted by ard and the Fractals Workshop, exploring generative design and geometric form-finding using vernacular methods and local materials.

The Fractals workshop is a generative design course that combines logic, geometry, natural systems and structure. It is an adaptation of teaching methods practiced at the Design Research Lab at the AA School of Architecture in London. It is aimed at students of all ages and ability with an interest in interior design and architecture, and professional from all backgrounds.

Over three days, the workshop will focus on local materials and the application of indigenous craft with the use of palm leaf components. Participants will work in teams to aggregate readily-available, recyclable materials based on algorithms they develop themselves. The evolutionary methodology of the algorithms is inspired by the organic growth of natural systems, parametric architecture, structural systems, mathematics and geometry. The workshop encourages teamwork, design thinking, 3D thinking and logic, and participants’ installations will be displayed at the Making Space at the end of the course.

Recommended for ages 10-45.

Fee: 350 AED, For groups of 3 or more 300 AED per participant.

Limited spaces. Register here.

About Designaware
DesignAware was born from a desire to create awareness through liveable, wearable, usable,accessible and responsible design. With its presence in Hyderabad, Dubai, and London, the studio focuses on process-oriented design. DesignAware’s projects range from lighting to furniture; interior design to renovation; and residential, commercial and institutional architecture. It also runs socially relevant projects, such as a school for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the heritage zone of the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. In a non-profit endeavour, DesignAware successfully raised funds and contributions to build the context-sensitive school on a tight budget through its social media campaign.

The Fractals Workshop has been to various cities in India and the Middle East since 2011 including Hyderabad, Chennai, Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain and Doha.

Ard ارض is a sustainable design initiative that has its roots in heritage and vernacular architecture. Ard ارض is currently reviving the vernacular architecture of the UAE in a contemporary format through technology and research. It aims to bring Arish: Palm Leaf Architecture into the heart of cities and revive the craft in a way that it integrates with the built form of today, adding a deeper sense of cultural continuity to the modern fabric of our urban centres.