Sherle Wagner unveils two new collections - STEP & CONICAL - exclusively at DXBDW. Both collections evoke the brand’s traditional elegance and non-conformist, contemporary elements.

When Sherle Wagner’s founder launched the exquisite dolphin faucet in 24-karat gold in 1945, it defined the ultimate luxury bathroom and established the company’s exquisite aesthetic, which is synonymous with the finest in taste and craftsmanship.

For Dubai Design Week, Sherle Wagner proudly unveils its two latest collections, STEP & CONICAL, which evoke its rich heritage of traditional elegance mixed with modern, non-conformist elements.

The unveiling will take place on 13 November, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

About Sherle Wagner International
Since 1945, Sherle Wagner International has been the premier manufacturer in the United States of bespoke luxury bath fittings, accessories and door hardware. Its collections range from cutting-edge contemporary designs to timeless classics and commissions, and represent the finest in American heritage, artistry and craftsmanship.