Ola Dajani hosts a workshop in which participants learn how to design and embroider their very own fantastical animals and unfold endless stories.

Dubai-based textile artist Ola Dajani is known for her dolls, masks and embroidering an imagined world of anthropomorphic animals. Through her three-hour workshop, she brings participants closer to whimsical worlds, delving into contemporary embroidery, drawing inspiration from a pool of designs, and teaching them how to design their own fantastical animal. Through embroidery they will bring their animal to life, telling their very own version of the imaginary creature’s story.

Recommended for ages 18+

Fees: 100 AED

Limited spaces. Register at hello@oladajani.com.

About Ola Dajani
Ola Dajani is a textile artist and embroiderer with a practice that stems from her fascination with materials, structures, techniques, patterns, colours and dimensions.

Through the intricate process of embroidery, doll making and mask making, Ola explores the role that textile and fibre play in the personification of emotions and fantasies, and portrays her own experiences and memories through a storytelling approach integral to the work presented.