Data visualization is a form of visual storytelling through the analysis and categorization of collected information. Participants of the workshop will collect data from their own experiences, analyze their findings, and build narratives by translating information into visual stories.

The objective of this workshop is to develop data visualization skills and guide participants to translate information in a more accessible way for any given audience. This workshop will help participants practice the skills of researching and will familiarize them with principles of information design and the relationship between aesthetics and data.

For registration please visit Re:Urban Studio.Official Venue Partner of Dubai Design Week.

Re:Urban Studio will host a series of masterclasses and workshops led by members of the local and international design community.

About Joumana Ibrahim
Joumana Ibrahim graduated with an MA from the London College of Communications (LCC) after obtaining a BA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University. Ibrahim’s thesis at LCC focused on information design and spatial analysis of both Hamra and Geitawi streets in Beirut, Lebanon. Ibrahim is an adjunct faculty at the Lebanese American University, a member of the MENA Design Research Center, and a freelance designer for local and international brands.