Learn how to build a robot with a toothbrush and a simple motor with Fun Robotics.

This introductory workshop makes robotics fun! Kids will learn how to build a simple, mobile robot with just a few basic components including a tooth brush and a vibrator motor, and then take their moving Brush Robot home.

Recommended ages 7-10.

Fees: 25 AED.

Limited spaces. Register at reception@fun-robotics.com

About Fun Robotics
Fun Robotics is the first specialized robotics center in Dubai to be approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). It helps both children and adults explore their potential, develop life skills, express their creativity and expedite their learning in STEM-related fields (the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

As well as teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fun Robotics hosts courses on a range of topics including Arduino, Robotics, and 3D Design and Printing, and offers corporate training and team building activities.