An introduction to 3D design and print, customized by Ethan&Co for kids to discover the endless possibilities for innovation with 3D models.

Amazing Cars will run in collaboration with Ajman University's Centre for Innovation. Kids will be introduced to the potential of 3D design and print through the assembly of pre-fabricated 3D motion cars. They will learn the fundamentals of prototyping, car mechanics and design, and pushed to the limits of 3D design by creating customised, motorized, 3D printed vehicles.

Recommended ages 7+.

Free entry.

About Ethan&Co
Ethan&Co is a Dubai design company that develops digital play platforms for parents and educators to empower a child’s creativity through, art, design, innovation and play. The company works with professional artists, designers and engineers to enable children to bring their imagination to life and personalize their play and learning experiences.