Dubai based Kitty Fox-McGregor is the founder of PARDUS CONSILIO.

Pardus Consilio offers modern handmade carpet designs, and Kitty takes a bold approach with her work. The ancient Tibetan Tiger Carpets were an enigma, they were considered prize possessions and represented power. Kitty has made her own fun, modern versions while preserving the authenticity of the traditional designs

All the carpets are handmade and ethically made in India using all natural fibres. The experience artisans making the carpets have a shared expertise cultivated over many generations in village communities. Dye Master's hand-dye the yarn with eco-friendly raw, long lasting colours and the drying process is under the sun, so in the winter months the whole process takes slightly longer. The hand finishing ensures each carpet is finished to perfection.

Sustainability is at the heart of Pardus Consilio, it reminds us to be mindful about what we buy from our homes and where the items are sourced. How wonderful to support these ancient skills rather than mass produced machine made items.

The carpets are art works in themselves, why not lay some art on your floor!