Vistors were invited to create their own stamp and print innovative patterns that tell a story using limited resources and materials in this workshop led by Khalid Mezaina.

Participants worked towards creating 1 or 2 stamps and used them to print a repeat pattern on their choice of surface. Participants brought their own items to print on (cotton tees or tote bags), or on supplied materials provided at the workshop (plain textiles or paper). Participants understood how to communicate a pattern design that’s not just for aesthetic purposes, but that can also communicate a message or story.

The workshop began with a short presentation on patterns and their function/ application. After a quick demonstration on how to create a stamp, participants applied their stamp designs as a repeat pattern onto their chosen surface, experimenting with printing various pattern layouts – grid, half drop or engineered pattern applications. Techniques that could easily replicated at home and are inexpensive will be taught.

Participants were encouraged to bring their own tote bag or tee-shirt to print on!

Recommended for adults.

Fees: 100 AED

About Khalid Mezaina

Khalid Mezaina is an artist from the UAE, focusing on illustration and surface based design and projects. Khalid actively participates in exhibitions, projects and residencies both in the UAE and abroad, and facilitates workshops for children and adults, sharing his knowledge on print based creative practises. Along with a BS in Visual Communication from the American University of Sharjah in 2006, Khalid graduated in 2018 from the Rhode Island School of Design, with an MFA in Textiles.

His commissioned and self-initiated projects range from prints, installations and murals, to designs for publications, stationary, packaging, apparel and textiles. His works are a reflection of his influences and personal interests, as well as things that are on his mind – a nod to comic books, music and dance, traditional costumes and textiles from around the world, the impact of matriarchy in his life, and daily findings from around the city he calls home. Khalid hopes that his work reaches out to a wider audience that moves beyond gallery walls and exhibitions spaces, and puts a smile on people’s faces.