Learn how to upcycle and give new life to leftover bits of textile through fabric maché in this workshop hosted by Dumyé. Using scissors, glue, water, and fabric. Participants will be able to create a new artistic object for their home.

Dumyé’s Karmic Goodness® Pinky-Promise, among other things, stands for respecting Mother Nature, and is part of the reason why all the cutoff material left from making the dolls and their clothing is saved, avoiding them from going to the landfills.

This workshop will give new life to the bits of textile left over from the making of their dolls, through fabric maché. Using scissors, glue, water, fabric and a provided form, workshop participants will be able to create a new artistic object for their home. Upcycling never looked or felt so good!

Recommended for adults.

Fee: 75 AED

Slot 1: Tuesday 12 November, 10:00AM - 10:45AM

Slot 2: Tuesday 12 November, 11:00AM - 11:45AM

Limited spaces. Register here and please specify your preferred time slot.

About Dumyé

Established in 2013, Dumyé is a mission based company bringing love and light into the lives of both our children and the children who have not been spoken, through their beautiful, sustainable and purposeful cloth dolls.