The fourth edition of the Global Grad Show, held in partnership with Investment Corporation of Dubai, offers a first look at 150 of the inventions shaping our tomorrow. The ideas come from passionate, upcoming design graduates of 61 nationalities from 100 universities, including Harvard, MIT and RCA. The students use design to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The show is an inspiring and optimistic look at what is in store for the next generation. The solutions and prototypes range from the physical to the virtual, high-tech and complex to small and conceptually simple. Technology for doctors that can identify cancer cells using a pen, solutions to combat declining bee populations, a ring that helps the visually impaired to retain their independence, affordable ways to tackle climate change and much more.

Global Grad Show is part of Dubai Design Week and takes place in Dubai Design District (d3) from 13-17 November this year.

About Investment Corporation of Dubai

Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) is the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai. Established in 2006, ICD manages a broad portfolio of assets, both locally and internationally, across a wide spectrum of sectors that underpin Dubai’s dynamic economy.

The ICD mandate is to consolidate and manage the government’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments. ICD also provides strategic oversight by developing and implementing an investment strategy and corporate governance policies that maximise value for the long-term benefit of the Emirate.