Handmade in Dubai: limited edition bags & accessories using recycled & sustainable materials. An emerging design studio dubbed covid-couture. Inspired by nature with a passion for the environment. Peahead.eco combines recycling with the quality of slow fashion design. The time of self-isolation has given people across the globe, a renewed sense of value for connection in meaningful ways. This appreciation extends to the things we surround ourselves with. We want to emerge from this unique moment in time playing a part in remaking our world and living a sustainable life. We love this planet and by giving would-be-waste materials another life we can inspire others to see value in everything around us. We design, create and connect with pride of place and community, limited-edition handmade bags & accessories using recycled & sustainable materials. We collect, process, and fuse local plastic bags to create a quality and durable material for our couture works. Each piece is unique and combined with sustainable and beautiful cork leather. Let’s care about this planet and the amount of waste produced, together. www.peahead.eco