Global Grad Show is a programme for university graduates across the world whose research tackles social and environmental issues.

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The programme, now in its seventh edition, supports graduates to showcase their future-looking projects and to advance their implementation. Launched in 2015 as an exhibition of impact-driven innovation, Global Grad Show currently engages academics in over 60 countries and 300 institutions, in fields ranging from biomedical engineering to urban design and data sciences.

Year-round activations support graduates and professors alike, through three complementing angles: international media exposure, knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship.

The showcases, held physically until 2019 and online since 2020, are a celebration of impact innovation and an opportunity for the public and commentators to enter a universe of academic research rarely seen outside campus.

The entrepreneurship programme offers a full-cycle route for participants to take their innovation to market, further supported by a 10-year fund set up by A.R.M. Holding to provide seed capital to promising technologies.

Each year, the gathering of talent also creates the opportunity for learning and collaboration and Global Grad Show champions these conversations through conferences, workshops, publications and dedicated initiatives for multi-country and multi-discipline work. One of its new initiatives is the MENA Grad Show, a celebration of academic talent from the region working on social impact innovation, as part of Dubai Design Week.

Global Grad Show is held in partnership with A.R.M. Holding and Dubai Culture.

Whether high-tech or low-tech, projects addressing issues faced by people, communities or the planet, are encouraged to apply to the 2021 edition.

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