A look behind Abwab: Tunisian Pavilion

A Dubai Design Week initiative, Abwab sees six pavilions given over to designers and curators from Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the UAE. Under the theme of Games: The Element of Play in Culture, it will celebrate the MENASA region’s diverse creative thinking.

Young architect and designer Chacha Atallah curates Abwab’s Tunisian pavilion shares the design team’s concept behind its structure which is reminiscent of the fragile structure of a house of cards.

We studied the theme of play: an act situated in a superficial environment that stimulates the mind and promotes invention. Play is a parallel moment in time, a self-expansion in a universe governed by new codes.

With that in mind, the team has decided to create its own setting from a construction set based on a 2D oval-shaped element which, with its simple assembly system, can be multiplied, shaped and re-shaped indefinitely to become a three-dimensional puzzle under constant change.

As the shape’s form cannot be devoid of substance, we have selected white noise as its substance which distinctly acts as an optical prism that includes all audible frequencies – all that has been and will be said. Like a cradle of ideas, the structure suggests a web that carries thoughts before they surface.

The noise can be perceived both visually and spatially and each oval unit carries the mark of its frequency, using a laser marking technique (known as pyrography).

Governed by freedom, the structure cannot be experienced the same way twice.  Everything is a kinetic construction, in both form and substance. All is in constant motion.”