Pavilion title: Excavations

Present day Iraq is an amalgamation of overlapping civilizations, identities, languages and traditions. The Iraq pavilion showcased an exploration of the multi-layered histories embedded within this shared geography – uncovering, drawing inspiration from, and reinterpreting its artefacts.

The project emerged from a study of the formal, linguistic and material attributes of historic objects collected and found. Shape and colour, as encountered in architecture, sculpture and script, comprise the primary focus of exploration. The pavilion presented an incentive to reinterpret their role within contemporary design through an installation comprised of an archaeology of forms and a field of discoveries.

Curators & Designers:

Hozan Zangana

Born in Kirkuk, Hozan Zangana is inspired by language, tradition and rituals; essential elements in our world that do not occupy any physical space. Zangana’s objects offer a new life to old heritages. He graduated from the Department of Man and Well-being at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013.

Rand Abdul Jabbar

Born in Baghdad, Rand Abdul Jabbar’s current pursuits lie at the threshold between architecture, design and research. Abdul Jabbar’s work is process driven, enquiring into her surrounding environment as well as forces such as history and heritage that have shaped her own personal identity. She received a Master of Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in 2014.