a hypothetical office

About the Pavilions

The Abwab pavilions are bound together through the surface, an intermediate space that weaves between exhibits, extending the dialogue within the exhibitions to the surrounding enclosures. A temporary space for a temporary event. Neither inside nor out. Both enclosed and permeable.

The surface is formed by re-appropriating a greenhouse structure. Wrapped in woven plastic, enclosed between a fields of columns, and delimited by reclaimed rubber flooring. Paths of filtered light convene into pockets for gatherings.

Marking Abwab through colour, form and light, the spaces between the pavilions become environments to gather and converse.


a hypothetical office is a collaborative body of 3 architects that enables environments through analytical research and built conditions.

Fortuné Penniman is a Dubai-based architect. His interest lies in the role of architecture as mediator between people, places and things. He was awarded Diploma with honours from the Architectural Association in 2015

Hatem Hatem is an architect that investigates the potential of design through the use of digital and material systemic processes.

Meitha Al Mazrooei is the editor of WTD Magazine, an architecture publication that documents the existing landscapes of the region through visual essays and critical narratives.

Supported by

Flooring by - Beeah

Lighting by - acdc