Brand or product launch

15 - 18 November | 4pm – 8.30pm
Office 307B, Building 7, Dubai Design District (d3)

The Tinkah is a voyager in a constant state of transit, transcending spaces, terrains and cultures, who challenges the status quo and reaches for the outstanding. To celebrate that voyage, Tinkah introduces the Tincase 01.17, an extended repertoire of artisanal traditional craft that reinterprets the functionality of the tin trunk through the use of different materials and tones.

About Tinkah

Tinkah is a multi-disciplinary design firm that creates distinctive concepts, as well as unique expressions by thinkers, artists, designers and artisans of the region. Since its inception, the firm has been producing creative solutions to a wide spectrum of disciplines, whether designing for clients, servicing cultural, creative and commercial practices, or investigating forms of cultural artefacts.

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