Re-Scripture: How Medieval Manuscripts Shaped Contemporary Design Practice


14 November | 4pm – 4.30pm
DIDI Space, Mezzanine Level, Building 4, Dubai Design District (d3)

Investigating the aesthetics, design and materiality of selected manuscripts, and how they informed the content of two very different projects.

This talk is part of ‘Weltformat DXBi: Swissed; Posters from Lucerne + Delusions and Errors; Posters from the Middle East’. 

Weltformat DXB is a collaboration between Tashkeel, Welformat (a collective of graphic designers from Lucerne), Cairo-based designer Engy Aly and Mobius Design Studio’s Design House, with the support of Pro-Helvetia. It will be supported by four poster design workshops, three public talks and a publication.

About Engy Aly

Born in 1982, Engy Aly obtained a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Graphic Design from the University of 6 October in 2005. Since then Aly has been working as a graphic designer in studios and independently.

In 2014 and after spending 2 years in Switzerland, Aly earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois Chicago as well as a Master of Arts in Iconic Research from Basel School of Design, Switzerland. Since early 2015, Aly has been working independently as well as working as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the American University in Cairo. Both her commissioned and independent work dance between meticulous layout and typography, analog experimentation and the deliberate introduction of analog and digital glitches as well as an ongoing interests in researching the aesthetics of pre-print cultural manuscripts.


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