Lattoo Stools


Designed by Coalesce Design Studio

14-17 November | 10am – 10pm
18 November | 10am – 7pm
Between buildings 6&7, Dubai Design District (d3)

Coalesce Design Studio is a Karachi-based, multi-disciplined, multi-faceted team that ventures beyond innovation, into a place where pushing boundaries is standard. By reviving dying crafts in Pakistan, it aims to push past traditions in order to deliver cutting-edge designs.

Coalesce Design Studio’s team of accomplished professionals is aptly defined as an “amalgamation”, and consists of architects, planners, brand strategists, and graphic designers. Using a myriad of honed skills, they produce work that aspires to change the perception of design.

The installation will showcase different rotating Lattoo Stools. The concept behind the designs is to create a contrast between the solid shapes and the skeletal framework, exploring structure and the point of convergence between different materials and forms. The stools consist of intricate, tessellated steel structures that support rotating and playful wooden seats. Movement plays an integral role both in the form and function of the stools, and is merged with the gesture of layering and the combination of materials.

Presented by Antidote Art & Design

Founded in 2015, Antidote is an art and design platform serving the careers of talented emerging and mid-career artists and designers from around the world, with a special focus on the Middle East.

Antidote’s nomadic nature allows it to inhabit alternative venues such as warehouses and other commercial, residential and occupational spaces. It also offers art and design consultancy and manages creative projects from conception to production and installation.

In the two years since its foundation, Antidote has achieved an impressive trajectory. Past projects along with the complete portfolio of artists and designers can be seen at