Every Thing We Touch


Designed by Paula Zuccotti

13 - 18 November | 10am - 9pm
Ground Floor, Building 6, Dubai Design District

Paula Zuccotti is an acclaimed design expert, artist, future archeologist and photographic novelist who views brands, products, and services through the lens of trends, ethnography, research, strategy, design and art. She helps global brands and organisations to draw strategic insights and build stories around observed human consumption, the accompanying behaviours and the semantics of how we interpret them.

For her book ‘Every Thing We Touch’ (published by Viking – Penguin Random House), Paula travelled the world with a single premise in mind: ‘Can we make sense of someone else’s life through the object they touch in a day?’. The book is an artistic portrayal of the daily physical footprint of over 60 unique individuals. It entered the public consciousness globally to great acclaim, leading to national media interviews and appearances, photography awards and art gallery exhibitions worldwide.

Paula’s exhibition ‘Every Thing We Touch - Dubai Design Week’ will explore the cultures that make up Dubai, using everyday artifacts as the storytellers, and examining the similarities and differences of these objects. Many things we know about past civilizations are gleaned from the insights gathered through their objects.  Paula’s art of future archeology reflects on the customs, traditions and behaviours of the different people and cultures of Dubai through the physical footprint of the objects they interact with in a day.