Love Project


Designed by Estúdio Guto Requena, in collaboration with D3 (Brazil)

Studio Guto Requena reflects memory, digital culture and poetic narratives in all design scales. The Brazilian architect won awards and lectured and exhibited in several cities worldwide. He was selected by Google and to develop the firms Brazilian headquarters, a commission which in 2013 saw him win ‘Building of the Year’ from Archdaily.

The Love Project is a study in design, science and technology that captures the emotions people feel in relating personal love stories to transform them into mandalas.

Love stories are memories; sometimes in the form of images, sometimes as soundtracks with rhythms dictated by our mind through experiences. Scenes and tracks are built and driven by our invisible inner musical instruments composing melodies that guide and engage our way of looking at our world of senses.

Sensors applied to participants read their subtle reactions, while they tell the defining love story of their own lives. As participants speak in privacy, data drawn from their changing emotions is relayed to specially-developed software. Via a graphic interface this data moulds every aspect of a mandala, which is then fabricated using a 3D printer. On the exhibition site there will be real time projections showing the emotional data collected by the sensors and the formal result into mandalas.

26 October | 5pm - 9pm
27 - 30 October | 9am - 9pm
31 October | 9am - 6pm
Building 8, Dubai Design District (d3)